/media/lauerfh/beginnings.jpgOur Beginnings:

After working in the Detroit area, Steve Lauer became frustrated with the impersonal atmosphere found in the large, high volume funeral homes he was employed in and decided to take a path that would allow him to insure that families he served would be treated in a personal, compassionate and caring way, instead of placing profit ahead of family care.

So in June of 1981 he purchased the former Labedz Funeral Home in Jackson and renamed it the S. D. Lauer Funeral Home.

It is there the fine tradition of compassionate, personalized care started that Lauer Family Funeral Homes are known for.



/media/lauerfh/Concord.jpgThe Tradition Continues:

The small town, close-knit community atmosphere fits closely with the way in which Lauer Family Funeral Homes likes to treat each and every one of the families we serve. The kind of small town caring found in rural towns across America like Concord, Michigan.

When the opportunity to acquire the former Murdock Funeral Home in Concord presented itself in November 1984, Steve Lauer leaped at the opportunity.


/media/lauerfh/Jackson.jpgJackson Expansion:
Over the years of owning our Jackson facility it became quite apparent that our cramped little funeral home needed expansion and remodeling to better serve those we care for.

In 1994 we undertook the task of upgrading our facilities by adding a 1200 square foot chapel/visitation room, lobby, reconfiguring the existing structure and adding additional amenities not offered before, including additional restrooms, a family café, a large and well lit arrangement center, beautiful landscaping, and decor to suggest a home-like atmosphere.


/media/lauerfh/concord_remodel.jpgConcord Remodel:
Like our Jackson facilities, our Concord funeral home proved too small to adequately serve the needs of the community.

In 2002 we undertook the monumental task of expansion and remodeling with a significant increase in the size of the footprint of our buildings. To accomplish this, we completely demolished the interior of the funeral home and tied it together with our detached arrangement office.

The finished project allows us to provide big city amenities with a small town atmosphere. A large chapel/viewing room, family café, lobby, large well lit arrangement center, and a state of the art audio system.


/media/lauerfh/Hastings.JPGHastings – Our New Pride and Joy:

The opportunity to expand again presented itself in June of 2007 and Lauer Family Funeral Homes was able to acquire the former Wren Funeral Home in Hastings, MI. With Steve's son Brian pursuing a career in funeral service, the Hastings location will allow the family tradition to continue and gives Lauer Family Funeral Homes one more location to service the community with compassion and care.

Along with a new location came a new name - Lauer Family Funeral Homes. The name change reflects the participation of several family members in the business as well as our priority on maintaining a family oriented service.

Our facility in Hastings, MI would prove adequate to service a large city and includes many amenities not often found in other funeral homes including a large family banquet facility with full kitchen and a playroom for children. In addition, the facility also has three chapels, a family room, an arrangement center, large showroom, and is beautifully finished with a brick exterior and contemporary décor. All of these amenities are available with the same affordability of our other locations.

The small town atmosphere of Hastings matches that of our other locations in which we have many years of experience. Lauer Family Funeral Homes strives to maintain a family oriented, caring, and compassionate service with the wishes and needs of your family our highest priority.